Thursday, January 21, 2010


As of this evening, Cannon's vocabulary consists of the following words (which he started saying in approximately this order):

bye bye
uh oh
banana (sort of; this is more like "buhlala", but it's pretty clear that's what he means)

These are all very typical of first words.  Except for the last one.  That one I find rather odd.  But hey, the reason he knows that word is because he loves to brush his teeth.  He doesn't much like it if I brush them, but he'd do it all day if he could.

And speaking of teeth, Rowan lost his first one this evening.  It was very exciting for all of us.  For me, it really felt for the first time like my boys are growing up.  Kemper was mostly jealous that he didn't have a tooth to leave out for the tooth fairy.  And Rowan was just glad to have the loose tooth not bothering him anymore.  I guess they really do grow up fast, don't they?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


One morning each week I have the privilege of driving carpool to school.  I take this opportunity to walk the boys down to the building, check the lost and found, and chat with staff members.  This is my favorite part of the week, as I get a glimpse of what they've been doing and hear stories from the staff.

The other day was one such day.  Rowan typically darts off the second we enter the building, while Kemper usually hangs around me and says he wants me to stay all day.  This time they both disappeared right away, leaving me in the entrance hall with Cannon as Hannah, one of the founders of the school, came in.  She said, "Oh, I have to tell you the funniest thing I saw last week.  Rowan was helping Kemper zip his coat, being all nice and helpful.  As soon as the coat was zipped, Rowan shoved Kemper so hard he fell over, then ran off to do something else."

Yep, that pretty much sums up their relationship.