Monday, February 07, 2011


It's the terrible twos.  As difficult as the twins were at that age, I'm pretty sure Cannon is worse.  Maybe I'm just too old to deal with it this time around.  Or perhaps it's due to his communication skills being greater than one would expect at this age (and therefore tricking me into believing he should be acting older).


He's making me crazy.  Here are some examples of what he does on a nearly daily basis:

"Mommy, can I have some toast?  But DON'T PUT IT IN THE TOASTER!!!"

"I want some hot milk.  But DON'T WARM IT UP!!!"

"I don't want those pants."  "I want a different shirt."

I know, I know.  One day I'll look back and wish he hadn't grown up.  But there is just no reasoning with this kid.  Sometimes we'll be cruising along, having a great day, he's all cheerful and happy, then for no apparent reason, something will set him off and it can take the better part of an hour to calm him down.

Oh, and he will not nap for me.  He goes off to rest cheerfully when our nanny is in charge, but for me?  Forget it.  Let me just say this makes for a very cranky kid and mother.

Then again, he is pretty darned cute.  The other night while snuggling at bedtime, he gently put his finger on one of the dark circles that have become a permanent fixture under my eyes and asked,  "Mommy, are you okay?  What happened to your eye?"

That would be a result of you disturbing my sleep several times each night, kiddo.  I know he'll eventually stop this behavior, but I'm afraid by that time I'll be stuck with the bags.