Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween, etc.

It's Halloween again, and this year Kemper and Rowan get it. I remember last year they could barely be convinced to go up the steps to any of the houses we visited, and this time around I could barely keep up with them! It was nice to get out and see so many of our new neighbors, even if only briefly.

I was a little worried about how it would all go, as Rowan had refused all attempts to get him to wear his costume. He just didn't want it on, so he went to the church Halloween party without a costume on. However, when I told him that in order to get candy from the houses he'd have to wear a costume, he had it on in a flash. We rehearsed before heading out, and at nearly every house I managed to convince him to give a rousing "Yo ho ho!" It's really cute the way he says it. He was surprisingly outgoing for a kid who usually is very cautious in new situations with new people. It must have been the candy.

On other fronts, we've had several exciting events. Kemper has learned how to pedal a bike or trike, and is quite pleased with himself. He also asked to poop on the toilet last night, and actually did. Of course, it seems to have been a one time thing, but you have to start somewhere. Rowan has become very inquisitive, and often will say, "What's this?" When I tell him what it is, he almost always follows with "What it for?"

We seem to be in the process of actually losing the nap. This is very, very sad for me, but inevitable. The up side is that by bedtime, they're really really tired and go to sleep almost immediately. And they're really playing together well. Yesterday I was in the kitchen while they played in the living room, and they were really making each other laugh. And they weren't doing anything wrong! I'm working on getting them to clean up, but that isn't going so well. Yesterday we spent nearly the entire day in the house because they wouldn't clean up the two things I asked them to - their big Legos and the trains. By the time it got dark, Kemper stated that he wanted to go to the playground, and was most unhappy when I explained that he missed his chance when he chose not to clean up. Oh well. I guess they'll eventually catch on.