Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Po' Boy

Wow. While searching the web a few weeks ago for ways to use up a leftover pot roast that wasn't very good, I came across a recipe for a roast beef po' boy with debris gravy. I kept it in my binder of recipes to use the next time I had a roast to cook, and today was the day.

If you haven't had the pleasure of eating one of these in New Orleans, your life is not complete. The po' boy is more than just a sandwich. If you get it from the right establishment, it can seriously be better than sex.

I have to say the meal we had this evening came pretty close to the real thing. If I had been able to find better bread, it would have been incredible. Sadly you just can't find New Orleans french bread here in Boston, and the bread really is the key to the sandwich.

It still amazes me that we survived without the Internet for so long. Cooking has become much less intimidating and a lot more fun for me now that I can search for recipes and cross-reference them with several cookbooks. I still probably spend more time cooking than I really should, but I'm getting more efficient. It's the one thing I feel like I can really do for myself amid the never ending childcare duties, since we all have to eat. And though I do have a few things I keep on hand for those days when I simply don't have the time, energy, or whatever to cook dinner, I'd much rather cook a full meal that we can eat as a family. Most nights I succeed. The house is a wreck, but hey, the eating is good.

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