Friday, June 26, 2009


Several months ago, our pediatrician predicted that Cannon had a pretty good chance of being an early walker. This was somewhat surprising, given that he is a sturdy, plump little guy who apparently is built very much like his uncle. Said uncle has been described as having been "too fat to crawl, he just went straight to walking", but that he didn't do that until kind of late.

Well, Cannon isn't walking yet. He's working on it - he can do many of the things necessary to walk, and seems to be working on them pretty hard. I expect he will be early on this. However, he's a whiz at the stairs. I didn't give it much thought until his 9 month check up yesterday. "Cannon can climb all the way to the top of the stairs already. Is that normal?" I asked innocently. "Um, no!" was the response. "He should be cruising, but not climbing stairs." This was followed by concerns that he always be supervised while on the stairs, as well as eliciting promises from the big brothers that they'll always tell one of us if Cannon is headed up the stairs.

This morning I was reading an email about "your baby this week" and found a chart on what babies do when. Climbing stairs? That isn't supposed to happen until 16 months. Yep, I'd say he's a bit early on this.

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