Thursday, August 06, 2009


I am constantly amazed and surprised at how much fun it is to have a baby around. Being able to see the wheels spin in Cannon's brain as he learns new things is just great. Even when the new skills are not particularly useful or desirable, I find it fascinating. For instance, we have one of those corner cabinets in the kitchen that spins open. Just yesterday he figured out he could open it himself. After that great accomplishment, he then proceeded to remove the various boxes of pasta stored in there. Which, of course, led to the dumping of an entire box of spaghetti all over the floor. He just grinned and giggled, then started whipping my leg with one of the noodles. (His big brothers have already begun instructing him in the fine art of swordplay, and he uses every opportunity to practice.)

I cheerfully cleaned it up, taped the box shut, and took a quick look at the other boxes to make sure they were safe. I deemed them to be so, and let him continue his exploration. Within 2 minutes, he had dumped an entire box of angel hair all over the floor. He had managed to remove the tied plastic bag that the box was in.

Now, 5 plus years of sleep deprivation have not made me the most patient mother in the world by any stretch. Had one of the older boys done this, I would have been mad. But not with Cannon. I'm sure part of it is that he doesn't know any better, but I still manage to feel guilty that I'm not as patient with the twins.

As I watch Cannon's progress, I try and remember similar moments from when Rowan and Kemper were this age. They are pretty hazy, and while I can vaguely recall being excited about various milestones being reached, I just can't remember being as patient or really taking the time to enjoy those moments. I have to believe that this can mostly be attributed to them being twins and therefore way more work, though it makes me kind of sad to think of what I might have missed as a result.

I love all of my boys, but for now the joy of just having one baby is really amazing.

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