Thursday, May 06, 2010


This past weekend we went to Cape Cod.  Morgan had a conference there starting Sunday afternoon, so we went a day early for a change of scenery.  I was intending to drive back on Sunday with the kids.  While looking at the news on his iPhone, Morgan learned that a water main had broken and there was a boil water order in about 30 communities in the metro Boston area, including ours.  So the kids and I ended up staying put in the hotel for an extra couple of days.

I don't know if it was the enclosed space, the rainy weather, or if the planets were simply aligned in a very bad way, but I can honestly say that I was feeling like we'd have been better off having to boil all of our water at home than being trapped where we were.  Cannon was actually perfectly agreeable.  Rowan and Kemper, however, were pretty much horrific.  Even allowing for the change of location, the lack of toys, etc., they were awful.  By extension, I too was pretty awful.  It was one of those times when I was convinced I am just about the worst mother on earth.  It is so hard when I know my kids can be such sweet, polite, caring people yet they act so badly.  You would think their parents had never taught them any manners.

This must be one of the down sides to being a stay at home parent.  Breaks from the kids are few and far between, and "vacations" are anything but.  Morgan at least gets a vacation from his job; I continue with my job, just in an unfamiliar place and without any of my usual tools of the trade.  Yes, there's another adult to help out, but still.  (And in this particular case, that extra adult was missing, as Morgan was in meetings all day.)

Hopefully I'll feel somewhat recovered before our next outing.  On the up side, the boil water order was lifted the morning we drove back.  So I didn't have to deal with that mess.

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