Monday, February 08, 2010

Yeah You Right!

Well, the Saints won the Super Bowl last night.  What a massive party there must be in New Orleans right now.  I wonder if anyone will show up for work?  I'm really not much of a sports fan, but even I watched the game.  I'm really happy for the team, the city, and all the fans who have been following them since they were the Aints and fans wore paper bags over their heads at the games.

Meanwhile, the big boys turned 6 a few days ago.  The party was on Saturday, and while it was essentially 3 hours of mass chaos, we all survived.  I made my very first layer cake and it was only marginally lopsided.  Of course, neither of the birthday boys liked it, but everyone else seemed to.

And both boys are getting much better at ice skating, even after just 5 or 6 tries.  Kemper is super fast and not really afraid of falling.  He's even goofed off with a hockey stick with surprising success.  Rowan is still much more cautious, but getting braver.  If I can figure out how to transfer video from the camera to the computer, maybe I'll post a clip.

Who Dat!

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