Saturday, August 02, 2008


Well, we were at the beach for a week of relaxation and came home to find that it had been even rainier in Boston than in Maine and our basement had flooded in our absence. This happens every now and then, but typically in the spring with the never-ending storms we seem to get then.

By flood, I don't really mean flood. More like puddled. The water comes in on one side of the basement, fills up this hole in the floor (don't know exactly what said hole is for), then overflows and runs across the basement floor into another hole (again, not sure why it's there to begin with). If that hole fills up, which is extremely rare, we then get the buckets out and bail it from there into the basement toilet (yet another feature of our house that seems a little unusual). Of course, this all assumes we're home to monitor the situation. Which we weren't.

Normally the basement is in pretty good shape to withstand said water issues. But it just so happens that we're in the middle of renovating our kitchen and back room, so we had to put a bunch of boxes and stuff into the basement for the duration of the project. To prepare for the boxes, we rearranged other things, which ended up being right in the path of the water. It then took my pregnant self a week to finally assess the damages, and I found to my relief that most of the baby clothes were in plastic bags and therefore seemingly undamaged. Whew. Then I found the suitcases - mostly dry, but covered in mildew. Once those were tossed out into the sun to dry and get brushed off, I discovered my infant car seat. Which was, of course, coated in fuzzy mold. Ugh. So now I'm just hoping I can get it clean enough to use when the baby comes. Plus I think I'll need to inspect every article of clothing now to make sure it isn't green and fuzzy.

Sigh. Like I really needed this.

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Laura said...

Bummer....not to sound completely selfish, but how did my rainforest jumperoo fare? I can't remember if anything else I gave you (besides clothes) was mold-able. If I'd known you had flooding tendencies, I wouldn't have pushed all that stuff on you just yet. The worst it could have gotten in my basement was musty, especially now that the humidifier is running.