Friday, March 27, 2009

Melt Down

Kemper and Rowan are now fully ensconced in school; this week was the first week they officially became full time.  They really love it there, look forward to going every day, and are disappointed when weekends come and they don't get to go.  Which I guess is nice, as I certainly never felt that way about school.

The one down side is that they come home really, really tired.  I mean, tired is good in that they go to bed pretty easily, but let me just say that behavior suffers with this level of fatigue.  Yesterday when the carpool dropped the boys off at home, Kemper was screaming, writhing on the car seat, and practically foaming at the mouth.  Anne, the mom who drove, couldn't tell me what triggered the fit, just that it had been going on for about 5 minutes.

Well, he managed to get himself inside, where he continued with the writhing, screaming and foaming.  After a full 20 minutes, I finally managed to get him calm enough to tell me what had upset him.  This is a direct quote:

"I had my window at a perfect ajar and then someone closed it and it was ruined!!!"

Poor kid.  If this was my worst problem, my life would be a piece of cake.

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